Costs Associated with Loft Conversions

Costs Associated with Loft Conversions

Once you have decided that you want to convert that draughty old attic into a comfortable guestroom or solarium, the first thing you are probably going to do is look for a loft conversion cost calculator. It is important to keep the loft conversion cost reasonable whilst providing the features and structural alterations needed to build the room that fits your vision! Loft conversion costs vary depending on what you have to work with and how many structural alterations will need to be seen to.

Construction and Design Affect Cost

Loft conversion prices are not only affected by the actual construction but by interior design as well. Such things as the flooring and walls will significantly impact the overall loft conversion cost so make sure to discuss these decorating particulars with the roofer you choose to install your lovely new loft conversion. Actually, this brings up a very good point when calculating loft conversion costs and that is, why do you need a roofing contractor to construct added living space to your existing attic?

The Right ‘Man’ for the Job

As mentioned, you may very well need major structural alterations to the timbers in your current roof structure within the attic to accommodate all that extra weight. Loft conversion price is directly proportionate to the amount of work and embellishments you will want to accomplish. Just because you have all that empty space up there doesn’t mean your dwelling was built to withstand additional rooms up there. This is where an FMB or NFRC accredited roofer is a must. A simple handyman just won’t do and you may as well need planning permissions prior to commencement of the actual building.

We have provided a list of local roofers and roofing contractors local to your area. Each of our recommended partners are Trustmark approved and many have been accredited by the National Federation of Roofers, the Federation of Master Builders and some are even certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme for the installation of solar PV cells so that you can begin generating your own renewable energy. Talk to any one of these qualified roofers when calculating the costs involved in converting draughty old attics to cosy new loft conversions.