Building Regulations for Loft Conversions

Building Regulations for Loft Conversions

Even though loft conversions are taking the UK by storm and are amongst the most popular home renovation projects being undertaken currently by homeowners in cities, villages and rural areas alike, there are building regulations for loft conversions to be taken into consideration. Some regulations are the same no matter where you live whilst others may be particular to specific regions. For this reason it is important to understand what they are before you actually start construction.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

Besides the fact that there are building regulations loft conversion planning permissions must also be accounted for. If there are any structural changes to the roofline, you will most likely need to contact the local authorities for the proper permissions. Of course, some older homes may have enough headroom and will not need loft extensions, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t regulations loft conversions that will not need to be adhered to.

Certain Conversions Must Meet with National Regulations

One of the prime examples of an older style home that won’t need an extension but will have specific regulations to be accounted for would be terraced houses. Since they have a common party wall an example of regulations for loft conversions would be that the adjoining neighbours need to be notified in writing. Quite often a structural engineer would also need to be brought in to bolster the supporting beam.

Since there are building regulations for loft conversions as well as planning permissions which may need to be applied for, it is always a wise decision to consult with an expert loft conversions contractor. We have listed Trustmark approved roofers in your local area who can help you file for the permissions you need whilst completing work that is up to national building regulations. Look for My Redlands Roof Select roofers who are accredited by the National Federation of Roofers and you will know that all work is in compliance.