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My Redlands Roof’s Commitment to Sustainable Energy

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the cost of electricity will be beyond our means within the not too distant future if the price of fossil fuels keeps rising as it has been doing. According to Ofgem, the  dwindling supply of fossil fuels along with the geopolitical risks to the nation’s fuel security are on the forefront of concern.  These issues can and do negatively influence the price of energy in the UK. It is the hope of government and environmentalists alike that more homeowners will do their part by utilising sustainable solar energy for homes.

Recommended MCS Roofing Contractors

My Redlands Roof is likewise committed to providing solar energy systems for UK consumers and is at the forefront of providing the latest in solar photovoltaic technology. Each of the Redland Select roofing contractors you will find on this site with the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certification is duly certified by rigid UK criteria and amongst the most knowledgeable solar energy installers in the nation. In fact, unless you see those initials as part of a roofer’s recommendation you should think twice before contracting them for a solar energy system installation.

Why is it important that my roofing contractor is an MCS Certified Installer?

There are two reasons you want to know that your roofing contractor is MCS certified:

1) Solar energy UK regulations in regards to the feed in tariff system mandate that both the installer and the materials need to be MCS certified or the homeowner will not meet the requirements to participate in the programme.

2) Any manufacturer’s guarantees will likely not be honoured unless the installer is MCS certified.

My Redlands Roof is your reliable source for solar power energy roofing materials and installers. Our reputation precedes us as we have been in business for almost a century and over time have become the premier resource in roofing materials and resources throughout the UK.  Contact any of the Trustmark approved, MCS certified roofing contractors listed in your community for the latest in solar energy systems.