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I sent her out into the field to try out the new pheromone techniques and she saw instant results. Guys introduced themselves and started conversations. Sherise said, “I was worried that men would see me as being too confident, but this made me realize how much a simple smile can do. Being more open and giving a guy that initial attention made me seem more approachable pheromones.

I still need to learn how to be more confident and go after what I want, but I know now it’s okay to be the first to create a situation. Women can approach men and it’s okay. I know I’m going to meet more people and be more open now with greater pheromone production.” Your friend shouldn’t use any techniques in this book in her role as wing girl. Learn more at and

Her job is to just get you into the group and then bust out of there (within thirty seconds to a minute) and let you do your thing. Of course, if your wing girl likes a friend of your guy, she’s welcome to stay and have her fun with new pheromones, BUT ONLY if everyone in the group is paired up with someone to talk to. In other words, if you and your friend meet a group of three guys, I don’t recommend your friend stick around, even if she likes one of the friends. That would leave one guy out, and he would be more likely to create an interruption. If, however, you and your friend meet a group of four guys, then the two left- out guys can keep each other company while you and your friend talk to the guys you like. If your wing girl needs to eject, have her simply pretend to take a phone call. If she uses the bathroom excuse, it will seem strange that you don’t go with her, tipping your guy off more quickly to your interest in him to boost his pheromones. WARNING! When approaching a group of guys, you can pick any member of the group as your first target for an approach, but you must focus on the guy you like within thirty seconds of your approach. Don’t get sidetracked by his friend because it feels less scary to talk to the guy you don’t like natural pheromones. Men tend to work on the implicit idea that it’s bad Game to steal a girl away from their friends. It’s classic “bros before hos” mentality. Therefore, if you spend too much time with one member of the group even though you like a different one, you’ll get stuck with the wrong guy. It may seem arbitrary, but this is how guys work to avoid conflict within the group over women. In a group Approach, you may find that you’ve run into the dreaded AMOG—the Alpha Male Other Guy. He’s the one “busting” on the other guys in the group, especially in front of women, in order to feel better about himself and to seem stronger, more attractive, and more virile. Verbal jousting is common among guys, but it’s a total turn-off for most women because it subcommunicates to you that they value your attention—that of a complete stranger—more than they value their friends. Learn more at

powerful pheromone cologne for men

Pherazone is a powerful pheromone cologne for men. This is a powerful way to assess any new relationship. Do you like the salesman? Is that feeling of liking him going to change how you make your buying decisions? What happens when you find out that you are both from the same state? Learn more at you going to buy something from him just because you are from the same place? There was a guy on television recently talking about his company that makes shirts with different states on them. When someone sees the name of the state on your shirt they come say hi if they are from the same place. He was wearing a shirt from Texas, but he’s not from Texas! It’s just his top seller so he wears it to get maximum rapport. Remember, that people like this are in business. He is trying to make the sale because that’s how he supports his family. It might not be malicious, but that doesn’t mean that we should fall for it. Whenever someone says they are from the same place as you, realize that they are trying to build rapport. Your first thought should be, “Why does this guy want to build rapport with me?” That one question will help you focus on the reason behind his actions. If he is just a good guy and wants to be friends, then he will pass this test, but if he’s just a guy out to make a buck off you, then you will become aware of what’s going on. Carefully note your reaction to authority figures. Has the person you’re negotiating with triggered your respect for authority? Are you making your choice because you want to, or are you swayed by an “expert” opinion? And does this person genuinely have the authority he is implying, or is he merely using the symbols of that authority? There are certain things that cause us to immediately give someone credit. If they are taller or older than us this can cause us to defer to them because of their experience. How about if someone is wearing a security guard’s uniform? Or an expensive suit? Are we responding to what the person is saying or simply responding to heir outfit? Are they actually an authority figure or do we just think that they are with true pheromones? I have done business with a lot of people and the one thing I’ve learned is that being older doesn’t mean they are wiser. Everyone over the age of eighteen is an adult. Legally you are equals. Oftentimes we mix up real authority with someone who just looks like they are an authority. Take the time to be sure you know what you’re dealing with before you get influenced. Before you fall for a sales pitch claiming that a product is running out of stock or that a discount deal is soon to expire, think again. Do you really want or need the product now, or has its lack of availability caught your attention? “I surreptitiously gaze at him from beneath my lashes as he stands in line waiting to be served. I could watch him all day. He’s tall, broad shouldered, and slim, and the way those pants hang from his hips.” Wendy had just read Fifty Shades of Grey, the first book in the trilogy of erotica that was approaching, in America, twenty million copies sold, that was breaking records for weekly sales rates, that Wendy and so many others labeled and laughed about as “mommy porn.” It wasn’t her usual reading. She took in scenes like this as Anastasia, the heroine, recounts the beginnings of her sadomasochistic affair with Christian, his manner reticent and self-possessed, his fingers “graceful,” all of him “heart-stoppingly beautiful.” Learn more at

Everything is possible with pheromones

Everything is possible with pheromones. He knows he is simply gracing people with his new pheromone cologne called Pherazone, so he takes his time. Yet, if you have ever interacted with human beings on a daily basis then you will realize this doesn’t hold much water in the real world. Move slowly and talking slowly is perfectly fine, but being this barely talking alpha male is often not even possible with pheromones.

When you are moving and talking, you should focus on speaking at a slower pace than normal and moving a bit slower than normal. Learn more about pheromones at

Do not speak rapidly or move in a jerky manner. However, you will need to use words to assert dominance. There is no way around this new pheromone spray.

The alpha male pheromone providesimpressive social skills and he assert them to work a room and dominate the crowd. Slow things down, but don’t get the idea that alpha males are mutes. You need to use words to get what you want out of life. Just say the words a little bit slower and avoid any movements that don’t seem fluid. Nothing jerky or rushed – focus on moving in a relaxed, but amiable manner.

Women love men who slow things down, but women also need a man who can talk to them. You can be both – the alpha male pheromone of her dreams! Secret Habit #6: Take Control Alpha males take control of all situations. Alpha males are leaders. These types of men are always in control of what they want to happen. They do not leave things up to chance or happenstance. Alpha males do not believe in luck. Alpha males believe in making things happen. So they take control of a situation and make things happen. They don’t worry about what others think.

They lead others to what needs to happen when they use pheromones to attract the opposite sex. This is because alpha males are dominant men. Others bow to their will. They make the rules. They don’t follow someone else’s rules. Women love leaders. They want to be with a man who is in charge of things. They want to be with a man who knows what he is doing and when he is doing it. They want to be told where to sit. Women want to be told where you are going to dinner. They want to be told how things will be. Women do not want to be in control of his pheromones..

If you are unaware of what works from a fashion sense, you can do a couple things. First, don’t look at GQ. The magazine is run by gay men, not by women who want to have sex with men. Look at how the sexiest male celebrities are dressing and implement their style. Or check out the style of men around you who kill it with women. Pay attention to details and them emulate them. Secret Habit #10: Alpha Males Are Vulnerable Lastly, all alpha males are vulnerable. This means they actively put themselves into the world with pheromones. Learn more at

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Figuring it was time for the human pheromone extraction, I said, “Come home with me.” I was still living in my Kennington flat so it was a short cab ride. I’d gotten her home, she was naked, sucking my cock, and I was thinking, ’’I get to de-flower a Muslim girl.” Again, I was quite proud of my accomplishment. I had actually never had anal sex and was quite disgusted at the thought. That was an old pre-Game idea that would soon be eliminated. At the time I weighed up the mild disgust against the new notch, an easy decision. It was tight, and slightly uncomfortable for me, I couldn’t imagine how it could feel that great to her. I made the best of it, all the time thinking that I couldn’t understand how gay men did this for pleasure. She actually seemed to enjoy it though after the initial pain. She was grinding her hips and ass back into me as I thrust my cock into her. It was okay, I guess, but it just wasn’t even close to being inside of a warm, wet pussy. Just was well she had a slim petite body and great coffee-coloured skin. After ten minutes of unremarkable rutting I pulled out and deposited my cum all over her face. This time she took it like a trooper, even when she got a blast in the eye. That’s how it is with the Secret Society sex- girls let themselves go and follow their basest fantasies. I left her on her knees, cum dripping onto her breasts and thighs, while she licked the last bits off the end of me.

She spent the night with me, but I just fell asleep.So I pushed her back to her knees, grabbed her head tight and kissed her against the wall. She could smell my pheromone cologne and I knew this would make her feel more attracted. I could hear little whimpers, moans, and gurgles but she wasn’t fighting it off. Quite the opposite, she had both hands on my arse pulling me in harder. Dirty bitch. I pulled back a little, and she made up the difference, bobbing the pretty Arab head up and down on the end of my cock until I filled her mouth with infidel. She gagged and instinctively retreated, but I wasn’t letting her go until the cum was dribbling out down her chin and she was batting me with her little fists in annoyance. She got up and spat it all into the sink. Learn more at and ”I’ve never done that before,” she said, flashing me a satisfied look. I wiped my dick off and we re-joined Fernando and Azhar downstairs, catching them in the middle of a make—out. He extracted her, telling Mafalda that they were going to a nightclub, although I found out later they were headed straight to ”Chateau Fernando.”

Mafalda didn’t care at that point. She was happy to stay with me, and I continued kissing her and touching her saturated under the table until she was squirming in my lap. I knew that strong pheromones would increase attraction. Learn more about pheromones at

Her Pheromone Production

Pheromones influence women. And that you have to be certain that you gonna leave her in a better shape than you found her and that is the key to power is to convince yourself that, you know you are gonna do good and you are gonna have a positive effect on her pheromone production.
So, that you can stop and be yourself. And we talked about the awareness and agreement exercise, when you become aware of when people first become aware of you and acknowledge it and if they shift then you also shift and that puts you in the body level of agreement with everyone around you. So, the very last piece of this, once you have kindda built those and you havegot those actual pheromones. Learn about pheromones at and
The real last piece of this is what ac tually brings it home. And, I did a whole audio on this, may be 4 – 5 years ago. And has to do with the ideal future and the Alpha male mind – set. I don’t have a full hour to go over the whole thing here, because we are already at about 50 minutes of pheromone production. Learn more at
 So, I will give you a brief version that will serve for what we are doing here. Now, I have mentioned a couple of time that one of the main things I do is marketing and do a lot of marketing consulting and that puts me in pheromone communication with a lot of business owners. 
And one of the community idea was an Alpha male was somebody who is, if you really bother down, somewhat as an asshole. If you look at the common community ideas, that was somebody who, like kind of rude, who push people off the way, who ignore people, w ho talked over people, kindda rude to women. And, you know whenever I sat down to really analyse this pheromone formula and think about this, I realized, the guys who were accomplishing the most, weren’t really like that. The guys who are accomplishing the most really, they could be that way, but they were also be very laid back. That could be someone I would actually call timid to human pheromones. 
So, I really wanted to boil down, “Okay, what is this?” And what it came down to, those guys were able to create the effects that they wanted to se e in the world, what I consider to be Alpha. So, they have a ideal future. They have some image of how they wanna things to be related to human pheromones. 
And what they did was, they noticed when things weren’t going towards that image and they supplied action, so that massive actio n, not just action…MASSIVE action, so that the image could become a reality. 
They also kicked out things that interfere with it or endangered it. Which sometimes, did had the appearance of being an asshole. But, really what it was is that they had taken responsibility, personal responsibility to see that, that future image came into existence with their pheromones.